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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nikon Monarch BDC scopes

Looking through my predator hunting magazine I had a goal this time. Not the latest electronic caller or trick, or the fine coyote hunting in the North East, but I wanted to look for a scope to sit on top of my Model 700 Remington in .243. So the article comparing scopes was right on target comparing 10 scopes and the benefits and limitations of each one. I was a little discouraged at first as all of the ones offered were way out of my price range, $2,300, $1,200 I mean I don't have that kind of money. Then I noticed the Monarch from Nikon, certainly affordable, and with mounts and rings I was in for just under $500.00. Now I am the kind of guy who will not just drop $500.00 on a toy for me to hunt with, especially knowing that hunting is not easy on your weapon or equipment and if I own it I use it, But out of all the high end scopes that were reviewed the Monarch came in second place and was listed as the "Best Value". So I start looking for this piece of glass at my local sporting goods store, and a couple of local gun shops in the Laurel area. That in itself was a learning experience believe me, but another story. First I did not want to pay the tax, I am taxed to death, for the boat, the ramp, the equipment, my license I am sure many of you feel the same, and I live in Delaware where we have no sales tax, so I knew I could save a cool 6%. But apparently this is a very popular scope as everyone had it on back order. Then Cabellas comes through and has it in stock with a three day delivery, plus I can get all the mounting hardware for it at one time and NO SHIPPING. A quick stroke of the keyboard, some info and I am a scope owner with my own tax revolt, going on. So I check out and notice that I was hit with the shipping, a quick callback and that is taken care of, untill I get the scope of course and sure enough the shipping is on there. Monday I will get this taken care of hopefully, so much for my own tax revolt! Now I have a bunch of parts and one scope, a rifle so off to Gander to see Mr. Tom and get this mass of parts put together into a critter getter hole puncher. Now if you have never met Tom he is one heck of a guy, always ready to take time to talk to you and help you out with your weapon. I had him mount and bore sight my gun and do a little trigger work to get her to break at 3 lbs. I have a Mauser that is a deer taking piece of equipment with adjustable set triggers, once you set her do not touch the trigger until you are ready to shoot, because she goes off real easy, to easy in the hands of the inexperienced in fact. But Tom will get it right for me, then I am going to hit the range to dial her in and find the bullet she will like. Until then I will keep the 17 ready, and waiting for the next trip to the range.

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