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Saturday, February 13, 2010

UmmmUmmmm Good

Here are some picture of the briskets I cooked during the snow storm. They were cooked over competition style briquettes and hickory logs which worked okay. I think I am going back to my cowboy charcoal though as the heat is much more constant. Of course having a blowing snow storm doesn't help much! When we enter these into competition there are a couple of points I look for when I am selecting my entry, First I will cook 4 of these just to get the one I think is perfect. I am looking for a nice pink ring around the edge of the meat. We call it the "rind" or the Smoke ring, and one that is tender to the pull not tough and hard to pull apart. I slice them about 1/4-3/8 thick and try and pull it in half. It should offer some resistance but not much and still hold it's shape and not crumble apart I assure you these were tasty and finished right on the money. For my sauce I live by the tried and true if someone does it better and cheaper let em do it! And Sweet baby Rays original is the sauce I prefer with my brisket sandwich. Before I turn in the entry though I like to shine em up a bit with a thin honey glaze, makes them look so good and the touch of sweetness kicks up the smokey flavor. Try a brisket and enjoy!


  1. I suppose I'm going to have to try a brisket. I have had a Big Green Egg for the past 4 years, but a brisket is the one I have never tried.the main reason why I haven't tried is because I have a conventional oven recipe that is so good it is actually indistinguishable from most smoker endeavors.
    I've smoked whole turkeys and hams that I've cured myself, and made Canadian bacon as well. Of course I've not ventured into the competition aspect of smoking meats either. Haven't played with The Egg much lately as I've been busy building a house, but when it's done... I've enjoyed following this series of posts Biazzio.

  2. Thanks critter, I am trying to find my spot in the blogging world. politics are just way to outta hand and I am not a real political junkie, I love to hunt, garden and cook so that is where I think I will be going with my blog. Thanks again and tell your friends!