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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow days can mean great days for scouting

The recent snow fall has given me the perfect opportunity to see what critters are going where. I can see the direction very clearly and if the snow is falling how long ago they passed. After the snow storm, critters will be up and moving around and the chance for a stalk hunt with the bow is now presenting it self for the late season. If you like to hunt sheds then you get a opportunity to follow deer trails and see fresh rubbings as the deer get ready to knock off their horns. Also keep in mind if you are a shed hunter that some chain link fence wrapped around the tree will make finding them real easy and give the deer a excellent spot to rub those horns off, often finding them caught in the fence material. Also it is easy to see in the evening as foxes and coyote begin to move about looking for an easy meal and the chance of spotting them increases. Later tonight I will be posting an article on making a snow camo suit to get out amongst em. Super easy, very efficient, and keeps you out of trouble.....right

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