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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Second Amendement

I just read in the Feburary issue of "Outdoor Life' that Wisconsin is considering a Microstamp on all new semi-automatic handguns sold or produced in that state. basicly when you fire the round it is stamped with a identifying code on the shell casing.  Any wepon manfactured after Jan. 1, 2011 would be required to have the stamping code. Of course only those who already follow the law will have the legal guns, and of course those that will steal them from the legal owner.
You have to check out Max Lemus's receantly released video. A real good vid. and will make you appreciate what you have and could lose
The city of Cleveland tried to buck the Second Amendement with it's own municipal gun ban, which has been successfully challenged nation wide. Now it gets better Cleveland says it should be able to BAN "assault wepons. prohibit open carry, maintain a gun registration scheme and pass any gun ordance it would like"!! Yea they may never take our guns but they can sure make it difficult to keep em. Support your NRA, join today

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