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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scopes and optics in general

Okay you are working and saving some hustle money so you are ready to get some new glass for the top of your hunting rifle. Now one thing for sure when it comes to the average guy trying to get or upgrade a scope, you should always have a plan and a budget. Let's look at your plan. What is it you expect the scope to do for you, and what are you using it for? First a 22 rifle is only effective in the hands of the average person out to 100 yds. max. So the optics you get should fall into that range most effectively. One of my friends has a 22 with this huge long range scope, that I admit you can dial it down to determine the sex of a fly at 100yds. but when we hunt squirrels in the woods, my 1 inch smokes him. The reason being in my opinion is that he is shooting out of the effective range of his gun. 150 yds is not a good thing when your bullet will only get out to 100yds effectively and accurately. All my shots are in the 25/75 yds. range and the bullet is dropping at 75 but hold to the top of his head and you are dead on, on his chin at 25 yds makes him dinner!
Let's talk cost for a min. this is the budget part for most of us, how much to spend? Well using the above as a start, I personally think that buy buying the best you can afford is the only way to do it. I know you have that new Remington model 700, sitting in the safe while you try and find the cash to get the scope. Because if you are like most of us just walking in and laying out the plastic is just not happening. Looking thru the Cabellas shooting catalog, you see prices from $150-$1,500 for a scope, more than a few manufactures, and a huge selection. One thing that did catch my eye was the Cabellas guide series of scopes, and if you are talking quality I would think that it would be top of the line to carry the Cabellas name, just  a thought there. Now here is the hard part holding out until you get the cash to buy what you want. You get that first $100.00 and set it aside and if you are like me, something comes along to nibble at that bill, I mean fishing is coming up right, and hunting season is a ways off. Then you get another influx from a side job and now you have enough to get some glass on it, you are dying to shoot it. Not what you wanted but at least it is something to get out with it. But you know that you will not be happy, that scope will never perform for you like you wanted it to and you will have a first class gun and  second class piece of glass on top of it.
So to avoid all that keep to your plan and work on the budget, buy the best you can afford and not more than the gun will deliver, you will be happier for it.

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