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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wicomico County Students and snow

Today students in Wicomico County returned to school after the winter storm, and for some I think it was a welcome relief to get back to school. Now I have to brag just a little on some of my students that I teach at the Career and Technology Education dept. located at Parkside High School. As you can see these two men are working outside in a real world situation, preparing for the real world of work. Some may go to college, some in the military, some will live and surf Maui,  but we will all go to work!  
Now this project was waiting in the parking lot for me this morning, and it just had to be done today, tomorrow would not do. So we had the person back into the compound and drop it off, with the guarantee it would be done tomorrow morning. When my Junior class got there they all jumped in on clearing the snow and setting up the welding equipment. They then pulled the leads out to the equipment, and prepared the area for welding. When my senior class arrived they only had a little grinding and in an hour had the project finished, and the equipment put away. I called the customer and told him his trailer was ready for him to pick up today ahead of schedule, and was ready to go to work. I am also proud to say that both of the young men who performed the work were AWS certified welders. This is the hidden jewel of Wicomico County Education.

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