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Friday, February 26, 2010

Boy Scout spaghetti Dinner

Tomorrow night the Bethesda Boy Scout troop will be having it's annual spaghetti dinner. Now this is a special occasion as the head chef, Robert Parker will be preparing his 10th dinner, As a former scout leader I can attest to the quality of Roberts red gravy and the pasta is always cooked just right, never mushy as can be experienced occasionally. You can get a plate of this pasta with a couple of meatballs (no raisins) for under $10.00 and the money goes directly to the troop. no middle man getting the majority of the money for "expenses". Scout tropps run on fund raising and each troop has it's own Delmar troop 174 had for years a chicken bbq that was the backbone of their fund raising.
Now one thing Scouts like to do is keep it's young men on the go, go to camp, go to merit badge workshops, skiing, and canoeing and it all cost money. Not every Scout can afford to come up with the money to do the things that the troop may offer, so by participating in fund raising each scout has the opportunity to earn his share toward these activities.
So tomorrow between 4 and 7 troop 149 members will be serving spaghetti  at Bethesda church in Salisbury cost is $7.00. I am sure that they will accept any tips offered.

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