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Monday, February 15, 2010

Payback time

One thing about life nothing comes from nothing, if you do nothing then nothing comes to you and your life is just kinda void. Now I am the kind of guy who thinks you should be a contributor if you are going to be a consumer of life, and the  last snow fall found me basically snowbound. But some neighbors came by with tractors and helped me get to the road, allowing us to get to the store, work and such, and just yesterday I was able to get the drive cleared to the asphalt by a co. out of Laurel. Now my neighbors would not take a dime and I know they worked all day helping people get out with their equipment. So now it is payback time for me. I think that that today I will get some ribs, from Sams Club and do a few racks for those neighbors who helped me out. I will show you how I do them and the smoker I am using. Now I know that most everyone but Osama Bin Noddin, likes a pork rib and I can't think of a better way for me to repay my neighbors for their help.

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