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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Best Fishing Lures

Okay I am going out on a limb here and putting my reputation on the line with some of you people who like to fish. I am going to talk about possibly some of the best fishing lures of all times. Now I know that this is my opinion and we know about opinions but here goes.
 The J-9 broken back Rapella in black and silver. If I could have only one lure in my survival tackle box it would be this one. I have caught more fish and a greater variety of fish on this particular plug. it has a wiggle that fish find just to good to pass up and it is super easy to fish. Cast it out and let it sit on the surface of the water till the rings get twelve or thirteen feet out from it. If you haven't had it smashed yet give it a twitch and let it sit again. Then reel fast for about six or eight cast and let it come to the top and sit maybe give it a twitch. I have gone to this lure many times and it is one of my favorite plugs. 
 RED DEVIL red and white striped spoon, a killer for pickerel and pike, and fished thru the weeds it is a good bass lure. I take off the treble hooks and put a single hook out the back to make it a little more weedless.
 SALT WATER: The bucktail has got to be responsible for more fish in the cooler than any other fish attractor in history. A good one for perch or rock fish, rigged with a piece of cut bait it will catch a catfish.
If you get in a real jam you can make a bucktail with a short piece of nylon rope, for the bucktail portion, and some fishing line. Never know when you might have to improvise!


  1. MD Fishing you are def. correct in a variety of sizes it is a all around fish catching piece of equipment. Thanks for stopping by and come on back again, all are welcome.