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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not your ol Red Ryder

Looking through one of my hunting mags I noticed an article some time ago about a person hunting with a custom Air Rifle. Figuring that this someone with a lot of money and out of my range I gave it a read and filed it away with those African Safari hunts I read about. But like a bad penny these stories kept making the rounds and this past month I saw a full feature article on a guy who shot a deer with one. Now I am thinking that this might be something I would be interested in especially considering the current shortage of ammo occasionally. I could not find but three boxes of .243 ammo today in Gander Mtn.
Now they have a bunch of these rifles in many popular calibers, up to 45 and you can charge em like a paintball gun. The ones I was reading about allowed you to shoot thirty times before you had to recharge, and each charge was the same first to last. I can only assume that these guns will only get better and soon we will be seeing some real high performance equipment for us to use. I mean already you can get for under $200.00 a air rifle that puts a pellet down range in excess of 1200 feet per second, and that is fast enough to take out most small game like rabbits and squirrels. Now I understand that these rifles are very accurate in their range, but tend to lose energy quickly. I cannot wait to see what this new sport will bring, because it won't be long before someone sees a way to regulate, tax, track, and list those of us who enjoy the shooting sports.

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