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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Making ice cream

I love ice cream who doesn't? But getting what is real ice cream can be a bit of a problem cause we are not talking about the cold stone or Baskin Robbins kind of ice cream, but real milk, eggs, sugar, and fruit cooked to a custard and mixed with condensed milk and cream, then churned with ice and salt till hard. That kind of ice cream that you find at churches ice cream fund raisers and such. I have two White Mountain 20 quart freezers, with white oak tubs and two cans I just had re tinned., so I am going to make some ice cream. Pineapple is my favorite right next to vanilla, or butter pecan, but in season I like strawberry, but okay I love ice cream all ice cream!!!
So my wife cooks up the custard and mixes the cream and sugar I take it out and start to make the ice cream, crushed ice and salt, a wool blanket over the top and turn it on. Did I mention they were electric motors with gear reducers? So 45 min later I am pulling the dashers and draining the water off repacking with fresh ice and salt. Since I was going to be a while I also put two pounds of dry ice on the top and covered it with the wool blanket. Well after three hours I opened it up and I have to say the results were excellent and we enjoyed the desert.
It takes about 120 lbs of ice and two large boxes of salt for 20 quarts, and depending on your recipe the cost can vary. I love to make ice cream but it is in the freezer and I feel for it calling me right now.  Which is not a real good thing!