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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Last Goose Hunt

Today was the last day for goose hunting for me and it was productive for sure. We had a ton of birds flying more that I have seen in some time but they are very educated now and did not respond to our spread very well, I mean we shot 10 geese but it was hit and miss with getting them to decoy. All in all I had a great season hunting with my friends and hanging out in the blind with them. Now it is time to work on the deer woods for nxt year and hunt sheds, get geared up for turkeys, and maybe even shedding some of those blind pounds I put on this year!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Frozen creeks and Open water

Down here in the tidewater area of VA the creeks are frozen solid except those that are flowing into the bay. The Bay Proper is open and the military has a bunch of ships moving around heading out to sea for some reason. But the variety of ducks sitting on open water is just amazing. Widegons, which are a very beautiful duck, buffle haeads, Blacks and Mallards, Brant and Canada geese are everywhere there is open water. One more week till we have to change blinds and get the boat ready for perch fishing and possible some pickerel fishing . Till then we keep shooting!

Going to the Gun Show

I am down visiting the web foot gangsta in Hampton roads and there is a big SGK gun show happening. I am saying that there were easy 2000 people in line to get in and another 2000 in side already when we got there. The line to check your ammo was short and those who were carrying a weapon had to check ammo, but you got it back when you left. Very organized and professional show with a ton of vendors. Now here you could get what you wanted, a Thompson machine gun you got it of course the price was out of my range damn it! How about a 30 cal machine gun, or a M1 Garand, any number of variations of semi auto weapons, knives, and assorted parts. Training aids holsters, knives exploding targets. They had it all there and more. Know what I did notice there, everyone was polite got along well made way for everyone to get to the tables and look over the guns and parts. People were there to help you find what you needed to complete a project or start a new one. Very nice indeed especially with the activities of the past week or so. Now I am a card carrying member of the NRA and I love me some guns, but the bad guys are making for a lot of bad press for us. Shooting students and cops, leaders of our government, all by wackos. The shooter in Arizona was kicked out of his local community college for being a little shakey, he had some police reports about his behavior, and somewhere the system took a bite in the ass. Personally I hold those responsible who knew he was off his rocker that did not say anything but just pushed him along. It was my understanding that the one guy who took one to the head but still managed to subdue this guy was a right to carry person and was armed at the time, but did not use his weapon, because of the other people there. True or not I can't say but if so then he exercised gun control. I will say I am all for gun control you should always have a clear sight picture, know where the round is going, what is behind the shot and use both hands!  

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sat Goose Hunt

This past Saturday I once again spent the day in a goose blind with some really good guys, I really enjoy hunting with these guys they are funny as hell and poor shots making for some good times naturally. We shot one apiece but the guys in the field next to us shot early and left...with there decoys sitting out drawing birds like no other. That just makes more fuel  for the fire about calling or not, these geese responded to the spread with no calling at all. All in all I have to say that my shotgun though undergunned compared to the 3 1/2 inch shells some of the boys are shooting holds it's own and I have my share of birds to prove it. Once again precision shot placement beats large loads everytime.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Birds should be moving

Tomorrow I will be in the blind and they are screaming about bad weather up north so maybe we will get some birds down here. We have had really good luck with the goose hunting this year and hopefully tomorrow will be just as good. One thing I like is to see em come to the decoys and set those wangs! Good luck tomorrow to all those who will be enjoying the last days of deer season, and those in the blind. Soon we will be perching!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rifle season this weekend

Rifle season is coming back in this Friday and Sat so i am excited. Now I can deer hunt fri evening and then hit the goose blind Sat Morn and give that ol swamp donkey another try. Seems that the deer are dropping antlers already so we have to be just a little more selective in our harvest. I did not shoot any large buck deer this year, not because I was not trying, but this year it was about the meat and filling the freezer with venison. Of course we did selectively shoot some does and spikes that needed to go and hopefully that will pay off in the end. I went out Sat to check on the property I hunt, took the wife and one of her friends out there with me to keep her co. while I went looking for a fox. sat from 3 till dark and saw nothing at all no fox or deer. So I go back out there on Mon. and did not see anything at all, but the 100 lbs of corn I put out for the turkeys and deer was gone! Now I said I did not see anything at all but a HUGE flock of 42 turkeys did show up in the field. Hopefully I will be able to keep them on the neck and the foxes down so they have a chance. Speaking of turkeys they seem to be gathering up pretty early this year I saw another flock tonight just down the road of 6 birds so maybe things will pick up this year for us.
I know that there is a huge deer out there because I was able to track him this last snow storm. However he did not get big by being stupid so we will have to match wits. I got a feeling he is going to win!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Check your slings everytime!

Okay i learned a very hard lesson the other day. Taking "Carlos the Night Stalker"  (my encore 204) out one evening as I stepped out the door and onto the CONCRETE steps my sling came undone and Carlos took a tumble. Naturally he landed directly on the upper turrent and crushed it by a good 1/4 inch making that Nikon Monarch a very expensive piece of junk. Now my slings are not trashy but good leather backed slings with swivels and mechanical fasteners. In fact it takes three motions just to get em undone and going out the door all the stars and moon lined up at that very moment. So before you go out the door make sure that you check your slings every time you go out the door.