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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rifle season this weekend

Rifle season is coming back in this Friday and Sat so i am excited. Now I can deer hunt fri evening and then hit the goose blind Sat Morn and give that ol swamp donkey another try. Seems that the deer are dropping antlers already so we have to be just a little more selective in our harvest. I did not shoot any large buck deer this year, not because I was not trying, but this year it was about the meat and filling the freezer with venison. Of course we did selectively shoot some does and spikes that needed to go and hopefully that will pay off in the end. I went out Sat to check on the property I hunt, took the wife and one of her friends out there with me to keep her co. while I went looking for a fox. sat from 3 till dark and saw nothing at all no fox or deer. So I go back out there on Mon. and did not see anything at all, but the 100 lbs of corn I put out for the turkeys and deer was gone! Now I said I did not see anything at all but a HUGE flock of 42 turkeys did show up in the field. Hopefully I will be able to keep them on the neck and the foxes down so they have a chance. Speaking of turkeys they seem to be gathering up pretty early this year I saw another flock tonight just down the road of 6 birds so maybe things will pick up this year for us.
I know that there is a huge deer out there because I was able to track him this last snow storm. However he did not get big by being stupid so we will have to match wits. I got a feeling he is going to win!

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