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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goose Hunting on the Eastern shore of Md.

Well the late goose season is in full swing as well as the late duck so there are many options open right now, for those willing to get out there amongst em! I have been hunting with a great group of guys this year and having a blast in the blind with them. There is a good mix of old farts (Butch) us middle aged guys and the young ones who keep us going all the time.  They have a great location and on most days we can limit out and everyone gets plenty of shooting, notice I did not saw killing but shooting. Of course there is the usual goose calling going on and good nature ribbing when a off note is sounded. Now most of these guys shoot 1100 Remington in 3 inch, or the 1187 in 3 inch but I still shoot my old 870 Wingmaster pump in 2 3/4. Now I did switch out the barrel going from full to improved now that we shoot steel shot, and the bigger pattern is better for shooting  when the birds are in the spread. I guess I am just comfortable with her and know how to shoot her to make meat. All in all I am happy with her and she does well for me if I keep her cleaned and oiled up good. Not to mentioned shells are $8 for me and $14 for them!

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