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Friday, February 12, 2010

Trying out that new snow camo.

Okay like many of you, except for those of you following from the US territory of Guam, I have just gotten out from the latest snow storm storm unscathed sorta. I still don't have a snow shovel, but I did get 100 lbs of rock salt for my drive. Understand that the drive is just a 8 inch sheet of ice/snow pack like my own mini Ice Road Truckers thing, so salt is really not going to do much for me but I feel better trying.
I can finally get to a place I have been wanting to hit to see if I could call in a fox, and my snow camo is going to be the ticket for damn sure. Maybe I will be able to get him on camera if he comes in close enough. If you have been able to get yourself a set of coveralls, or a really huge t shirt and turn them into camo, I think you will be surprised with the results.
I will be trying a combination of electronic and mouth calls to get the fox to respond and to come in to me. I have learned a few things when looking for foxes, and most predators is that they will follow an edge. Very rarely will they cross a wide open space like a been field that has been cut close, or a corn field that has been mowed off. Now a corn field with tall stubble is ideal, and they will take advantage of the rows to get from one place or another. With the snow on the ground, you can see exactly where they are moving and the first two hours of light is the very best time to spot em, with the last couple hours of daylight a second choice for me. By using my snow camo I  can set up in a position that will allow me to observe the track in question, while staying well hidden. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning I will be able to give the suit another test and see if I really can get a fox close enough to get his picture.

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