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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New puppy

Whoooo that puppy is growing like a weed and chewing up more than it's share of shoes and such, those old dock siders will keep him busy during all this snow while you are at work. Your wife's favorite bathroom slippers are next in line and he just can't get enough of those old work boots chewing them up and running round the house with them in his teeth. You shout at him and give chase and he runs from you, causing you to break your big toe on the end table. Falling to the floor the pup thinks it is time to play with you thrashing and howling in pain,  jumping on your belly and licking your face. He will out grow it, this phase of chewing everything in sight but if you want to correct it you have to start before he chews up those $200.00 waders. The scene described above is just a little funny no doubt, but very true. If your dog thinks that you are playing the give me the slippers game as you chase it around the house you don't stand a chance. The very first time you catch the dog chewing you must in a very stern voice tell it "NO, BAD DOG" and replace the shoe with something it can chew, like a rawhide bone. Repeat this until your dog catches on that chewing anything other than it's dinner or that toy, you are going to be be asserting yourself as the Alpha dog, with stern voice sounds, like growling to the dog. Tower over your dog and also take a very dominating stance and body language position. Your dog will learn this in three times if you establish yourself as the Alpha and take possession of the footwear, replacing it with something positive, the rawhide bone. Your dog has learned three  things, Not to chew anything but HIS toy,  NO BAD DOG, and that you are the alpha member of this pack, your family, which to him is his pack. So go get him some chew toys so he will lose those puppy teeth, and leave your waders alone.

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