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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pickerel fish comming

Here on the shore we don't have the northern pike but we do have the chain pickerel a close cousin to the Pike if you will. And as soon as the ice breaks up in the headwaters of the many mill ponds we have around here they will be ready to eat and to get their groove on slaying a variety of baits offered to them. I like to canoe to the back of the pond and cast to the structure you are looking for, stump rows or old weed lines, a quick change in depth can be structure. I also like to troll for em dragging a J9 broken back Rapella in black and silver. Shallow water and a dark muddy bottom will warm up quicker and bait fish will move into these areas during the day to soak up some heat and look for food. Naturally our Pickerel fish will be waiting for them to make a slow move or any opportunity to scarf a quick meal. Now many will claim that this fish is just to bony to mess with but I assure you that the fish is a good eating fish and when cooked as a shore lunch make excellent fare. Now if you eat the fish from a freshwater pond here understand that many chicken farms and failing septic systems make their way into them so beware if you eat em.

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