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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

snow camo

Okay I am bored and can't get out much but I did take a few min to put together this snow camo I saw in one of my hunting mags. Very easy and cheap one of my key words for hunting stuff I make myself. First I took a old pair of stark white coveralls I picked up and my wife gave them a double washing in some bleach water to brighten them up some as they were pretty soiled. Laying them out in the floor I took some black paint and proceeded to paint a tree on them running up one leg and across the chest area, I highlighted it with some white paint and a few brown splotches to help it fade in, background is very important. A little touch of blue to the white makes it even more appealing and helps to blend in really well. I wore it once last week when I went out calling foxes and had two on top of me  until they caught my scent, making me confident of the work. Take a look at my pictures and try making your own snow camo, I have heard that some guys will use a huge t shirt for their cover and a broad tipped marker. Whatever you use as your starting point keep in mind that anything you make yourself and use successfully will add greatly to the overall pleasure you get from your hunting and scouting.

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