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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weather or not?

Okay I cannot believe this. We are once again faced with a serious weather pattern forming up and headed our way. now I don't know about you but I am about bad weathered out! I mean Mother nature can be a hard woman sometimes and she is delivering a lethal  dose right now. But how does it affect us, well in my line of work it comes to a halt and I am forced to be off when believe me I would rather be working. But how about wildlife? There are areas under water that I haven't  ever seen wet, increased nesting and feeding sites for ducks and loss of nesting for turkeys. Some trees do not like wet feet and some need it to survive so there is habitat change to consider. marshes flooding over vegetation and forest and more failing septic producing increased nitrates. So just how much can an area take before it is a major change to it's flora and fauna? Well I am no scientest but I will tell you this that if we keep getting this kind of weather, I am leaving here!


  1. Biazzio, we're hightailing it out of this region within 5's not necessarily related to the weather, but that's influencing some of it.

    I'm gonna miss crabs, though.

  2. I left and came back. It was snowing when I left and snowing when I came back!

  3. Haha, I can't imagine wanting to come back!