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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New puppy grade school

okay your dog has learned some general commands, like "NO" and "Stop that Noise" is now housebroken and finding his place in your pack. Let's go ahead and enter him into grade school so he becomes a good citizen when you take him out. So let's start with walking on a leash at heel. When you give your dog the command to heel he should come to your right or left side and stand or sit waiting your command to "Walk or Stay". To get your dog to heel is really easy and I assure you that if you give it just 10 min a day he will have it in three days MAX! Place your choke collar on your lead and place it on your dog, he will more than likely have no issue with this part of the training. If he does, make it a game and place the collar around it's neck and giving the dog much praise when they let's you place it on them. A small piece of a treat will make it very easy for them to accept the collar and lead. Keep in mind you have to make it fun at this point and the treats will help you along in your training. Now stand and with the lead in your hand make it short enough for you to control the dog. I like to hold the lead in the right hand, and placing the left hand close to the snap on the lead attached to the collar. Smack your left leg with your hand and give the command to "HEEL" use a stern voice, and commanding tone pulling the dog in close and reinforcing the command to "HEEL". If your dog sits or lays down that is not a problem at this time. When you get the dog in place give him some praise and play with it for a bit when the dog is out of heel during your play repeat the exercise, pulling it in close and using the command HEEL. In three days your dog will come to your left side (my preference) on the lead, every time you give the command to heel. Believe me this makes the command "WALK" easy to lead into and if you are working your dog at heel walking along side of you almost comes natural. Now this does take 10-15 min a day of training and praise playing, and it helps if you can do it at the same time everyday. Keep at your training and your dog will be through grade school in no time.

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