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Friday, February 26, 2010


As a teacher I get much pleasure of seeing my students when they come back. They are working  getting into the real world. Now I tell them it is because they are paying taxes and setting me up for retirement! Not really, but that is a good thing to be working especially now. This young man graduated last year and was part of the team that took second place in the Nation for welding fabrication. He is now building Nuclear Powered Submarines, enrolled into a 5 year program that he is getting paid for, and putting the weld training he got at the local high school to use. He will have excellent vacation time, great benefits and a well laid out salary advancement schedule allowing him to plan for his financial independence, Not a bad job to have right out of high school, and a free college education. Here was a young man that looked for a job that would allow him to achieve his goals, worked hard to make sure he could get that job, and is now well on his way to achieving those goals he set for himself, Once again proving that Luck is when Preparation meets opportunity.

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