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Monday, March 1, 2010

Pickerel are ready!

Pickerel are def on the prowl and I hope to get out and give em a try this weekend. A good friend of mine has access to a local sand pit that has been done for quite a few years, and now supports a variety Flora and Fauna along it's banks and in the water. Never stocked except by nature it's self this pond carries a big diversity of fish and enough vegetation to make it a beautiful place to be a fish. I am going equipped with my trusty broken back, yea that J-9 I spoke about, and a couple of red devils. Now I am not opposed to live fishing bait but I would rather catch 1 on artificial s than two on bait, that is just me of course. Plus there may be some local regulations on using live bait, so check first. Now I have never seen any algae in this pond even in the heat of summer, and it has black cherry trees growing around it that attract these brown and black worms about 11/2 long. Now the trees provide shade in the summer and the worms provide food for the shellcrackers, and pan fish, shake the branch dump some worms come back in 10 min with a can of those worms, and the afternoon is golden. This is especially true if you have kids fishing with you, a lot of fish and the kids are tickled pink, and they will want to go again. So gear up and get out try a pickerel if you want to fish early!


  1. We at Honey Creek Outdoors like your blog and are following your updates, keep up the good work! :) Feel free to check out our blog and if you like it we'd love to have you as a follower! Thanks- HCO

  2. Parker pond is a pickerel hot spot, schumaker is also killer I have many long ones out of there. I will def. check out Honey Creek Outdoors, thanks for your support.