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Monday, March 29, 2010

Coyote hunting in Washington state

I will be traveling to Seattle Washington this summer to visit a nephew of mine and his family, unfortunately Tom Brown will be confined to the kennel while I am gone, but the girls there love him when he has a sleep over, so I am comfortable with that.  But besides visiting my Nephew and family I will be wanting to hopefully harvest a coyote or try to at the least while I am there. Now that poses a problem in its self as I am not familiar with the area and my Nephew does not hunt, but he can network with a bunch of people if I ask him to. Problem there is getting stuck with some guy who waste your day away trying to get his self together. Or I can find a guide who does such a thing and allow him to get the license and  transport me while providing the services you would expect.  Or like the tight wad I am I can put together my own hunt on some public land with less chance of success, but a definitely hassle free hunt. I mean shooting ain't everything right? Wrong!Ms. Lucy is just waiting for the opportunity to put cross hairs on something with fur and over 5 lbs!
So how does one do such a hunt? God bless Al Gore for giving me the internet, because with Google earth and on line hunting sites one can almost do the hunt a dozen times before even leaving the living room, and talk with hunters living in that area for advice. Take guns, Ms. Lucy is designed for varmints, like groundhogs  foxes and flat ground. Who knows I may find that a hunt like this is out of of the question with shipping guns and license. But I bet I can find a fish to catch!

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