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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

log splitter 008.MOV

This log splitter was made by my welding class for a local man who purchased all the parts, and the guys welded it out for him. He was very involved in the construction and taught the boys many things about hydraulics, and engineering such a piece of equipment.. We were able to use our dual shielded flux core and Stick welding equipment to teach the boys these processes. We also used carbon arc gouging and oxy- fuel cutting in the fabrication. When we fabricated the Stainless Steel muffler guard (recycled of course) they used their sheet metal rolling instruction. A great project and a even better experience for the students. I want to say that this man also donated several hundred dollars to our class for the National welding competition in Kansas City, in which the boys took second in the welding fabrication contest.

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