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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tom Duckafetchen Brown chesapeake retriever

okay you know that I love my Chesapeake retriever, and he loves to swim. Now this was taken with skim ice around the shore and ice in the boathouse. He was just swimming for pleasure, and had been out in the water most all morning. These are some hard dogs and devoted to their family, I assure you that I fear nothing when he is on my doorstep, or in the back of the car. They need room to play and to run, they like to dig, and are funny as all get out. He is at stud as we speak if anyone is interested. I will travel with him if needed but would like to have the female brought to his kennel for a day or two. I have only used a shock collar on him once and never again, a firm hand and stern voice keeps him in line. In the background you can see the camo boat "Black Duck" I keep talking about. Enjoy the video I have just learned how to post them, so who knows what I will come up with!

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