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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day at the Range

I got to the range today and I wanted to share with you the results of my shooting. As I get to know this gun I am amazed at how flat it shoots. You are looking at the 200 yd target the first I have shot with her (Ms. Lucy). The first three shots are the ones in the white. I held the scope one ring centered in the Bullet drop compensator scope by Nikon. The group is avg 1.5 inch not bad but I feel I will get better. The next four shots are the ones in the black you can see the group size is not bad for 200 yds the one at 12 o;clock in the 8 ring must have been made by aliens! So for my second trip out with Ms. Lucy I am pleased. I was shooting V shock 70 gr ballistic tip nossler  bullets on this target. temp was 71 degrees and wind was 0-2 south west, in a woods range, mid day with  good light. Let's see if I can get her tightened up , I mean me tightened up to exploit the guns full potential.

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