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Monday, March 22, 2010

Good bye old friend

I just sold my competition smoker to a man up north, he came by and got her a week or so ago. This was one of the best smokers I ever used and the Alaska wood stove was welded directly into the smoker box giving her a good even heat. A four gallon water pan was welded directly to the top of the stove inside the tank, keeping the smoke moist and the temp even. Now this bad boy weighs in at 1600 lbs easy and that is a lot of steel to get hot, so you had to give her the mega load of white oak first. Now if you kept the door open on the stove she will burn hard and get things rolling, open the door and you set your finish time up by about thirty min, but for getting going a big hot fire fast is the ticket. I never rushed always figured there was a couple hours tied up so I might as well prep up my meat. Now this smoker had a baffle built into her that made the heat travel down the smoker, travel back down a second time and finally over the meat and up the stack. A whole hog would come out a nice brown color, and the Boston butts were always, moist and tender. Over the years I have built a couple of these smokers and this one was the best of all of em. Sure I will miss her and the good times I knew were always coming when I fired her up. So so long ol friend keep on smokin.


  1. why did you get rid of it.

  2. I am a welder and had built many smokers. When I wanted to enter competition BBQ I built my own and incorporated many features I found in the upper end smokers. I entered the local BBQ competitions and had a good run winning several medals and trophies. When I could no longer afford to enter these I decided to turn loose all my equipment, and get out of the bbq catering and competition business. I listed it on line and a young man wanted to buy her so I cut her lose. I still have a huge tent from Cabellas for sale, if anyone is thinking about something like that. She was a good smoker and had many a pig on her, and brisket was perfect because you could not rush em. I will miss her but then again I am building one now with ....