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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Team Turkey

Okay I have been off line for a bit but with getting a break in the weather I just had to get a few things done and finally one of them is figuring out how to get this picture on here! this is a picture of my son and I  after taking our first turkey on our property on Saint Martins Neck. Now my son can call a rock I believe and he called this bird in to us from 250 yds. Now we had chased this bird all morning through the woods, and along the edge of a field, when we finally made our way back up near our cabin. We were working our way up from a creek in the woods when we spotted the bird coming out of the woods at the end of the lane 250 yds distant. The Tom was in full strut and tending a hen but when he turned his tail to us Billy jumped  and put out a foam decoy, before the Tom got fully turned around, I got set in the sitting position wearing my full ghilie I made myself. Billy went to work and the Tom came in not fast but steady. When he got within 30 feet, not yards but feet, I introduced him to the Jelly head and the results were instant. We ate the bird and that was another treat, tasting very much like a domestic turkey with some very stringy and tough legs! We have learned a lot since that first hunt, and look forward to the next upcoming season.


  1. Is that a Mossberg shotgun Mr. Biazzio?

  2. 870 Wingmaster chambered for 3 1/2 inch, with a turkey choke my son had made by a gunsmith in Virginia. We shot this one with a 3 inch #2 goose load. My son is a killer guide to hunt with, and good with any call. Good times.