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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Turkey time

If a turkey could smell like he sees then you would never kill one, so camo is an essential part of your turkey hunting gear. A long beard can see you move and if he thinks anything is wrong off he will go leaving you bird less for your effort. So lets take a look at how to improve your camo before this season finds you wanting to go out and hunt for turkey. First take out your camo turkey clothes and find some of the fishing net they use for decoration and stitch it onto your clothes and let it drap  and hang in folds. Now you have something to tie on the local vegetation that you find in the area you are hunting in. Get a roll of the jute twine they sell in the hardware store and tie it on the netting and fray it out add some burlap strips and silk leaves you can tie on. By tying on the vegetation that is right in your immediate area you can blend in unseen. Now do not take the vegetation right from where you plan to make your hide but from an area close by. Face camo or a head net is also essential. I find that right after Halloween I can find face cream in green and black for next to nothing an usually pick up a few tubes the day after. Gloves in net or covered in camo cream are next and some netting draped over your gun will help hide it from the keen eyes of ol tom turkey. If you team hunt it is best to have the caller about 15 feet behind you and off to one side by about 30 yds so the turkey travels across your kill zone with his attention on the turkey decoy. When turkey hunting you have to blend in with the surroundings completely and keep your movements down to a min.  this will increase your chances greatly and maybe put a turkey on the cooking spit.

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