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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Turkey season is a comming!!!

I like to Turkey hunt I admit almost as much as duck hunting maybe more the older I get! Now there are two camps in the turkey hunting, one sits and never moves and one likes to move three or four times, chasing gobblers around the woods. I like to move around and I don't mind telling you you had best be stealthy in your movement. Just shifting weight can send ol long Tom a running. My son can call a rock I believe if you put feathers on it and he loves to call any kind of bird. Ducks Turkeys, Geese he will bring em in and the rest is up to you, except ducking and you had best be shooting 2 seconds before him because he is fast on the trigger! On one of our first Turkey trips my son was calling and we were moving around our farm chasing long Tom. I had a hen bird come putting and chirping, looking down my gun barrel and walking along the edge of the woods we were sitting on, but tom would not come close enough. Finally they moved on and cut through the woods toward a clearing I knew was just on the other side. We cleared our hide and made our way into position just on the edge of the clearing and true to form here came the hen again putting and chirping, but the ol tom was holding out and moving deeper into the woods away from us. It is now around 10 o'clock and we were hot and tired  from the hunt and made our way toward the cabin. We set up in a corner and called to the bird as he moved parallel to us through the woods, but try as I might I could not get a shot of him and my son was wore slam out from working the mouth call. We move a hundred yards toward the cabin and set up behind some ceder trees we use as a hide during bow season.  God bless him but my boy gave me his best putt and chirp working the call like he owned it giving it his all. After 30 min we were going to cash it in when I glimpsed a Turkey 200 yds down the lane in the exact spot we had bet set in. Now we had some new life seeing the bird we had only heard and he was coming like a freight train toward our calling. The bird never hesitated coming to the fake foam turkey set up not 10 yds from us. The bird goes into full strut and is turning around showing all it's feathers trying to get the foam decoy to respond to his show, when I drew down on his blue/red ugly head. I made my sight picture and squeezed off a shot, the Jelly Head did it's thing and the Turkey was down! We have hunted that spot a few times since but have been foiled by a fox and an Eagle twice now. Get ready, pattern your shotgun, and put a bird on the table.

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