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Friday, March 19, 2010

Perch in the river?

Okay you read it here first, okay maybe not but hey it is my blog so I can say stuff like that! The perch are in the Nanticoke river and the bull rock right with em, scarfing down shad and herring as fast as they can go, yes it is a good time to go fishing! Lets start at the head of barren creek at Phillips landing. Herring are on the shad dart and two dart combo means a two fish hook up many times adding to the fun and the fight. Tie a small shad dart to the line direct, and another 18 inches down line at the end this one can be a little bigger. Cast out and retrieve it just doesn't get any easier and kids love to catch em. This is a great way to introduce a kid to fishing, minimum bugs and skeeters, lots of action, and nice temp to be outside. If Phillips landing is unproductive the spill way in Laurel is also a great spot to catch fish. Phillips landing is a great family place with good boat ramps. A hot dog on the grill, easy fishing with the family, screw work I am leaving early, signing the kids out of school picking up the Momma and going fishing! White perch are also hanging out at the Phillips landing area and the good old bottom rig with a piece of bloodworm is a sure fire bet to catch them right now.. If you have a sharp fillet knife you can cut the small fillet off, and fry them up eat them like popcorn!
Now we move down river and put the boat in at Vienna or fish on the east side of the river where the old bridge was from the bank. Here it is primarily white perch and BIG rock fish, fat cows with egg swollen belly's and the fat fine to go with it. Keep one and you will be caught, I know it is a hot spot honey hole and so does the DNR, don't even think of keeping it. There  is a story here I assure you!
Now down river to roaring point, bank or boat both are good here with perch and rock fish being your target. Bloodworms are the ticket as it is just to cold for the fish bites right now and night crawlers, earthworms, and squid are not really working. Hopefully we will have some more fishing reports soon on the Wicomico and Pocomoke rivers. I know the local bass club is hosting tournaments, and hopefully the charter boats out of Ocean City will be allowed to have a season of some sort.
Offshore fishing for fish is not really in my budget but my brother in law likes to go so maybe I will be able to keep us up to date on the bite so to speak. Keep tight lines and think about taking a kid fishing okay?


  1. Now MR. B you can not be fishing for rock in the nanticoke. That would be against the law.

  2. Of that I assure you my friend! It only takes me one time to learn something unlike my Chesapeake retriever who usually takes three times to learn something!