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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sly Fox

Now here is a predator that will take many young turkey, rabbit and quail, I have no problem with people shooting these small dogs. They breed  quickly and birth big litters making them quick to populate an area. Delaware is considering opening a fox season and that is encouraging considering the amt. of mange I am seeing in the population. Foxes will also kill your pet with cats being a tasty treat as I speak from experience, having lost our kitty to a predator fox. One reason they are coming on so hard is the fact that the fur brings nothing on the market so they overpopulate and the mange sets in. Spring and Fall are key times for foxes as they are breeding and then kicking out the males from the den so your chances for an encounter increases during this time of year as they are looking for food to feed their litter. Foxes like to roam during the early morning hours and I have not seen many after 9:30 /10:00 AM, but the last hour of the day is also a good time to see one cruising around looking for a rabbit or chicken. If you see a fox acting strange avoid it at all cost it could be rabid so call the Dept. Of Natural Resources to take care of the problem. Believe me they want to avoid you so you do not have to be afraid of them but you should always be aware of them in your area.


  1. I've noticed the Fox population is higher than it has been in quite a few years. Here in Minnesota the fox population seems to follow the ruffed grouse population when the grouse cycle is on a peak the Fox population also seems to be a lot higher. I know of at least three people who shot foxes while deer hunting this year.

  2. You are spot on Ben. here it is the rabbit population that rises and falls with the foxes. I love to rabbit hunt and we have a small block of woods where we take young dogs to get a nose full of rabbit. The foxes moved in and the rabbits were gone, now we are getting the fox population under control, rabbits are returning. Delaware has some very crazy rules about fox hunting, but now they are relaxing some since they are outta control.