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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Remington model 700

Okay I have been running on here about getting a new gun since I started this blog and the time has come to finally bring it all together. I sold my M1 Garand to buy the new gun a 700 Remington in 243, but like most things in my life I wanted to put good optics on it so I was saving for the scope. Now if you are like me and have a new toy you can't play with you get impatient, like a Christmas toy with no batteries! So my wife god love her gave me the green light to buy the glass for it, a beautiful Nikon Monarch BDC. So I drag it all into Ted the gunsmith at Gander and he puts it together, does some trigger and bolt work, gives me a bore sighting, and calls me to say she is ready. I don't mind telling you  she is looking good and I am ready to go to the range. I got some ammo  for her and off I went to the local Good Ol Boy range we have cut out of the woods 400 yds of relaxing! I shot her first at 50 yds and got her into the red after two groups of three shots. Moved out to 100 yds and brought her a little to the left and up a notch. At 100 yds I am able to cover the shots with a nickle. The next set of 6 were crazy all over the paper I figured I need to take a break and stretch some. After a ten min break I went back to the bench and put the last 6 through her all in the red and grouped tightly. The bench is not equipped with the latest mount we use bags filled with sand so we practice like we shoot. I am having 100 rounds worked up now by a man who reloads and will have the best load for my gun soon I have no doubt. Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures this afternoon when I get back from the range of the targets. But until the hand loads get in I will continue to shoot off the shelf ammo.   

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