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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hey most guys think they know about this but in reality the bras I am talking about are the ones we use in hunting and shooting, Bras stand for
Breathing. Breath control is essential to accurate shot placement and is responsible for the up and down variation some of us experience when shooting. Ideally one will find the target and take a breath  and settle the cross hairs on the target, take another breath and at the half way point of exhale begin the trigger squeeze, the gun should surprise you when it goes off.
Next is R or relax when you have the target in the scope relax and concentrate on the cross hairs, pull the gun into your shoulder and get a firm grip on the stock, settle in with your breathing,
Next is A or Aim at the target and prepare for the shot placement taking into consideration the windage and  bullret drop,. and last is.
S for squeeze, if your shots are to the left then you may have a problem with your trigger squeeze and are jerking the trigger. Use the tip of the finger to apply slow steady pressure to your trigger. Ideally your trigger is breaking at about   2,5 lbs and is crisp when it releases, Do ant anticipate the recoil and jerk when you shoot, This may not make you a sniper but it will improve your shooting and help put some meat on the table or a ground hog outta the field either way keep BRAS on your mind,

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  1. Actually jerking the trigger will cause your shots to go right not left, my mistake.