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Friday, April 2, 2010

Using the brick oven

I built this brick oven from ideals I got off of the net and some ideals I got off the television. I mix some flouer, salt, sugar, yeast and some warm water, then go out and fire up my brick oven. after it is all said and done, I have some tasty bread. Making bread is easy and baking it is fun to do with the right tools in my oven. 
I start a fire in the oven using wood I split and cut a year before or picked up from the trees in my yard and burn them in the oven, I use fire wood or wood I pick up and drag home. When the oven is hot I push the coals to the back and use a wet mop to mop the ash up off of the brick floor of the oven, this also adds some steam, to the oven, making a nice chewy crust. Even if you don't have a brick oven you can make excellent bread right in your oven. give it a try it is funn and the types are endless.

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