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Monday, April 19, 2010

Turkey sign

Well Sat. scout out went well I located two roosting sites and found a couple of natural hides that I was able to bush up some and make them a little more suitable for the eagle eyed turkey. Now when it comes to reading sign I think that I hold my own fairly well. I found Tom turkey droppings and a couple of feathers under a tall pine tree telling me that the birds are roosting on that particular point. I also found some scratchings letting me know where they are heading toward a stand of hardwoods. Now you all know that turkeys have some of the most awesome eyesight but did you know that they also MAY see in four colors and see UV like deer. I think that is pretty interesting when it comes to camo selection. So if the turkey can see like no other you know that when he is coming in you cannot even think about moving. His eyes may be on the side of his head but he can see movement like a neon sign. I don't even like to breath sometimes, and have the gun set for the shot way before the bird comes in.
If there is one thing that I learned early in my hunting career is not to call out to turkeys when scouting. A Tom may only fall for that wing bone call three times before he gets educated to the sound of a call and just will not respond so when scouting I never put, cut or purr, when scouting. I may find the roosting tree and just after dark or late twilight I will make a ruckus thru the area, scattering the birds, and then return in the morning waiting for them to regroup and gather for the morning walk and strutt. Bottom line is I cannot get out until Sat morning, so I am excited as a two peckered Billy Goat, until then all I can do is wait.

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