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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taxed Enough Already?

Okay April 15th is fast approaching and if you haven't dumped out that box of receipts yet well then you still have a few minuets to get it all together! Since the income tax became the law of the land the MAN has always taken his pound of flesh from your paycheck. Now I am not complaining here so don't get me wrong I pay my taxes so that the road in front of my house is well maintained and  that the sheriff keeps the law in the community, and so that ol Osama Bin Noddin doesn't keep me locked in my own home.  I like the airport being open, and the snow removed, all services I pay for in the form of taxes to the government. Now I look at it like an allowance for the kids, I would give them their allowance and they would spend it sometimes unwisely all at once on something that did not last. And then occasionally they would save up for something big that took some restraint on their BB's and movies, but was worth it when they finally got it. Today it seems that the allowance is not enough, so we have a new tax on fishing that is well free this year but next year it will cost you $15.00 in addition to your license. All you have to do is call in your info and pay your money, or the new kayak canoe launch fee for sliding you boat in the water. I don't care what you call it a tax is still a tax thanks Andy Harris for your support here. Boat registration, fishing license, trailer tags, and launch ramp fees all a tax in my opnion.
Now when you buy a hunting license, you pay for archery, cross bow, waterfowl,, migratory bird, fur bearer the list goes on and on. What happened to buying a hunting license, and a duck stamp, ready for the season?  Well on the 15th the TEA Party will be having rallies to let the government know that they have been Taxed Enough Already, and weather you follow the TEA party or not you have to admit that it is becoming more and more expensive to get outside amongst em.

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