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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Youth Day Saturday

Okay Sat is youth day and if you have followed this blog you know how much I hate "Dads" youth day. You know the one where the 8 year old makes the 300 yd shot with a 7 mag and takes a 12 point monster, with a little help from dad. Turkey youth day is like that sometimes also but not always and when a kid bags a bird legit it is a great feeling knowing you had a hand in it. Personally I enjoy calling and watching as much as shooting. I take the neighbor boy occasionally and he is becoming a good and ethical hunter. Unfortunately he is being overcome by fumes and I don't give him much chance of hunting with me now. Perfume and gasoline are two fumes I cannot compete with  of course! Regular season begins on Monday which means many will not get out to the woods till Sat. Hopefully the bird you have been working and scouting will still be there for you when you get out to the woods. If you can find a kid and get him or her out this Sat and let them feel the excitement of having a full strut turkey almost in their laps!

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