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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bass Fishing

There was a time when I fished at least 365 days a year! Yep when I liven in Port St. Lucie Florida I fished everyday because I lived right on the water down there, but did little to no real hunting just fishing.  I would stop on my way to college and throw a rubber worm at every orange grove irrigation ditch between my house and the campus. Or fish the Rim ditch with my good friend Andy Baird, an old guy who I befriended and he taught me so much about bass fishing and bee keeping that I took it for granted. But when I moved back to the Eastern Shore I kinda drifted away from bass fishing and took up raising kids and working 60 hours a week! But my friend who is a crazy bass fisherman was telling me that now the fish are scarfing up crayfish like no other and  sitting on their nest. Now I used to have a ol possum belly tackle box full of gadgets to catch bass with and a couple hundred dollars of rod and reel to drag it all thru the water with, but used the same rubber worm or J-9 broken back Rapela 99% of the time. Same now, I like to fish salt water and have all the stuff to do it with boats, motors, rods and reels, and three soft side tackle boxes to hold all the hardware. But what do I turn to when I want to catch fish? Live eels, peeler crab, or bloodworms never silver spoons or top water plugs. the same three rigs I always use. So if you are heading out to catch a bass fish or two look for something in crawdad color, or maybe just use the ol purple worm. Sometimes simpler is better.

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  1. I found the small tacklebox/bass/panfish rig I carried in a bike backpack just before I got my driver's license, a few weeks ago. Still full of purple/dark rubber worms/weedless hooks, and old Mepps/Rooster Tail spinners..I could still probably tear it up now if I change my line..Got your link through Two Sentz...didn't even know you were still blogging.