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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hey Chicken little!

Okay the garden is tilled and the horse manure and lime tilled under, strawberries are showing strong, and I have my beets and spinach in the ground. So far so good, what does all that mean to you and I? Turkey season my friends Turkey season! That is right in just a few short days we will be having the youth day, and immediately following the reg season for ol long beard himself. Now I don't know about you guys but I am an old school type guy so a box call I made from a pallet of wood from the Philippines, with a black walnut sound board, and a wing bone call made for me by the Web Foot himself is all I am carrying as far as calls go. My full choke 870 in 2 3/4 with a number 2 goose load (black cloud) is my weapon of choice, yea that is my duck/goose slaying weapon and has been for 20 years, bought her used from Dave's sport shop. Sitting on a square of rubber roof material in full ghilie I will wait patiently for the long beard to come to my decoy go into full strut and get himself all ugly in the face. Then I will administer to him a jelly head, full on at about 30 yds. I will tag him, draw and take my bird, home and take the required pictures. Very simple nothing extremely exotic or additional to buy.
So why does the main stream outdoor marketing beast tell me I need The latest 3 1/2 inc shell with a tungsten core, and a box call costing hundreds of dollars, whole magazines devoted to just one season of hunting. I love capitalism! Better yet I love seeing all this stuff and dreaming of owning the latest and greatest decoy or the new shotgun made with the latest technology and constructed of the space age materials for stocks and scopes. Okay I like to hunt within my budget, I like to make my own gear whenever possible, and I am selective of my harvest.  I buy very little of the latest and greatest gear, except for clothes then I like  to stay warm , dry and in camo. But recently I have been selective and bought a new gun after doing some horse trading and topped it with some really nice optics, first gun and scope combo I have ever bought, but I like to shoot. I guess as I get older I like nice things if I can afford them and now that the ranch is paid off I can do that, besides the kids will love it one day I am sure!

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