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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Deer plots

Some people don't like food plots some love em, some have feeders on timers. But if you put one in this year it should be up and jumping now. Clover and turnip, chicory, rye grass, turnip are all deer favorites, as is alfalfa, and red clover. A food plot of a half acre will keep 10  or 12 deer in your area so long as they have water, and other forage. If you plant the stand side plot then you are not interested in keeping them there, but in getting them to come by and browse maybe walk around some. Either way the deer put on much needed fat from a hard winter during the spring and summer, munching on browse and green shoots coming up so they don't care so much for your food plot right now. I mean they are stopping by and having a munch licking on the mineral block & hanging out, but the bean fields are in full growth. Lots of stuff growing wild so the plot is not seeing a lot of action right now. Fast forward to winter late bow season post rut with 5 inches of new snow, those turnips and chicory roots are looking good right now to them and they are pawing the earth black to get at em, turkeys are coming by and getting the green tops scratching and digging, and you are waiting for an opportunity to score a late season doe for the freezer. So like em or hate em food plots are  here to stay and the industry is helping us to keep them going so deer have forage for the hard winter. By the same token a deer that may have died over the winter makes it and survival of the fittest no longer is in the mix. Like a friend of mine loved to say be careful what you ask for!

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