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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I know that for some time now I have had my waders in a knot over how much it cost me to go fishing, before I ever get on the water. Well today I go to the Delaware fishing site to check out things first thing is a change in the Delaware flounder seasons, pity the poor guy who does not check the fishing regulations before heading out on the water DAILY. It is getting to the point where it is just to much hassle for me to justify the expense and hassle that goes along with enjoying the Land of Pleasant living and all it offers. Let's take a look at going out with the wife and 2.2 kids for an afternoon of crabbing and fishing, dinner on the boat. Before I can even think about the boat I have to check and make $ure all the $tickers are current, Now you need a fishing license on your boat unless you buy license for everyone a cool $45.00. But now don't go out to Hollands Island and set the chairs up and fish the evening bite, everyone has to stay on the boat if they want to fish, only you can get out of the boat to fish. Of course there is a fine to go with all that hassle after the DNR stops by and issues you the fine for the flounder that they decided this morning was now off limits but your fishing regulation book says you can catch the flounder till  whenever. Delaware just made some changes today so be careful. Maybe we will launch the boat and go over to Assateague to do a little clamming, hope you brought a ten $pot to pay the launch fee. How much is the tag on that boat trailer anyway, and the boat registration sticker need to be updated. Got to have the gas for the boat and get some bait while your there, lets see four slim jims, four sodas, some Little Debbie's and Baloney and cheese sandwiches. So you can see where just getting out can be a budget buster if you are just looking for a little down time with your family. I remember when my father would load us up in the boat, mom would fry a couple of chickens and make some potato salad, we would stop off and get a dozen soft crabs for $4.00 a dozen from Mr Dewey's crab house there on Deal island, and we would catch a cooler full of rock and hardheads and come on home. I guess in todays dollars and yesterdays money the cost of getting out is the same, but now we have some serious fees tacked on to getting your family out on the water. Now you would think that would be a good thing for the OC head boats, but not so; the Sea Bass fishery might as well be closed and the Flounder fishery could close at any minute they decide to. Okay enough of my ranting about fishing, let's go chase turkeys!

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  1. Does get expensive in this economy doesnt it.