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Monday, January 11, 2010

Whats up with Gander Mountain?

Howard over at Delmar Dustpan made an excellent observation the other day that the gun selection at Gander Mountain is not up to par. I mean at one time you could go in there and there would be more than a few racks of new and used guns available for you to look  thru. Also the decoy display and selection left a lot to be desired for waterfowlers, with a hodge podge of decoy string and weights scattered about. The boat section is hit or miss and you can't buy Mercury parts there anymore, plus if you bought a 4 wheeler from them good luck on getting it serviced there. The fishing dept is holding it's own and the clothing dept seems to be alright but if I want to buy my casual clothes I go to Kohls.  They have some trapping supplies, and dog stuff but personally I think the place is hurting. Now I may be way off and Howard not seeing the big picture, but I really don't think both of us can be that wrong.

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