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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New york Mayor Bloomberg does it ....again

I promised I would not get political but sometimes I have just got to vent. The mayor of New York has once again bought his position with his billions of dollars. Now if you don't know about this guy he is the mayor of New York and wants to take ALL of the guns out of the hands of EVERYONE. Now he has just sidestepped the term limits, (by political trickery), and is going for another term. If anyone is the devil to the second amendment  it is this guy. Look personally I don't care what political party you belong to, so long as you like to hunt and fish then hey I am okay and you are okay. But people like these are a cancer to the rights of the people and should be removed from office. Okay I am out of my element and have vented so I feel better now. I encourage everyone of you who follow this blog to check out this guy and his whacked views on gun control. Believe me it is not using two hands, breathing, and a steady trigger squeeze. Also join the NRA, help us keep guys like this contained and their hands off out guns. Keep in mind they may never take our guns but they can control your ammo, as we have already seen them try and do. Term limits you bet!

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