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Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Right to carry news

Okay I am looking through the GUIDE this week and I see like 8 notices for DE right to carry. Georgetown Seaford, Laurel all around me people are letting others know that they have applied for a CCP. So I am noticing an advertisement for a gun shop in Laurel that offers the class for $125.00 and it is offered weekly I believe. From the advertisement it looks like the shop has guns and accessories, supplies for the shooter, and the classes. As soon as I dig out of the ranch here I am making a trip to the shop to talk with the guy and find out the straight skinny on the permit process for DE. My brother in law went to the MD State police to get a handgun application as he lives in Maryland and I live in DE, so I figured that was the best way to go for our post on the subject. When he came out he had a package 3/4 inch thick, and was not encouraged that he would be getting a permit. Some info thus far. If you have been threatened with your life, you might get one, if you have had an attempt on your life you might get one. A business person carrying large amt's of cash, maybe but you have to show deposit receipts, bottom line they do not make it easy. Also there is a filing fee which is non refundable and a renewal fee each year, this could be standard and I will find out in a few days. If the gun shop turns out to be the way to go possibly we could get a group together of our DE. followers and go together. WEB FOOT GANGSTA has a VA right to carry permit, and hopefully he will let us know the process for VA. Until then keep your eyes and ears open, be aware of what is going on around you, and keep your family safe. 

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