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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Making your own Ghilie suit

One good thing about the slack time between hunting and fishing is that it allows you to get ready for Turkey season in the spring. Now one thing about a turkey is that they have extremely good eyesight, in fact if he could smell like he can see you would never shoot em! Now they can also hear so by putting these two things in your favor you increase your chances for harvesting a turkey. So to help me be successful I decided to get myself a ghilie suit, but the cost of such an item made it way out of my reach. So I decided to make my own and save my self some money while making a great looking suit. I started with a old set of camo pants and some decorative netting from a gift shop over at the beach. I stitched the netting to the pants securely with dental floss and trimmed it to about mid shin. I then took burlap that I had laying around that held some peanuts and then camo burlap from a blind I had bult, and some Jute string in green and brown. I tied all these things to the netting starting from the bottom and working my way up to the waist. I made a top in a similar fashion and when I  am in full suit you cannot find me on a wood edge, a ditch bank, or the middle of the field. So when turkey hunting I like to sit about 5 yds in the edge of the woods, with my partner off to one side about 20 yds away calling with the decoy. As the Tom is focused on the hen decoy and not on me as I am not calling, I can give him a jelly head, resulting in a nice bird for the table. I have worn my suit during rifle season, and had deer within 10 yds of me, and during bow season when they are not so skittish, almost in my lap! Make your own gear, have more fun and take personal satisfaction   in your work when you are successful.

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