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Sunday, January 31, 2010

last waterfowl hunt

On Thursday afternoon before the storm I had the opportunity to go and hunt geese off of Barren creek in Mardela. The farm was huge and the fields were corn stubble with plenty of corn left in them from the harvest. The geese had been hitting various spots in the field most of the week and looked like it might produce for us this evening. We set out 24 big foot , and 24 silhouette  decoys and settled into the blind as the wind came across the open field with no break, you were cold but not miserable. Of course there is no real bad weather just bad clothing choices right.  My hunting partners this evening were young men from Mardela  one of them is a student  of mine along with 6 of his friends, so it was a lively group. We had some groups of geese come on by but they had a commitment to the creek. With the full moon and oncoming bad weather the geese had stayed in the field almost all evening and that day feeding, so the creek was their destination. At the end of shooting time we cleared our guns and picked up the decoys, loading them into Gators and Kubota four wheel drive machines, goose less but happy to be out amongst em as my mother in law would say. My waterfowl was not so good this year, my marsh in OC did not produce like it should have, and I can't afford a leased piece of property. My deer hunting was good I shot a nice doe and turned it into summer sausage, that I am still eating. My dog did okay he is a great hunting companion, and is coming along slower than I thought but when he gets something he has it down quickly. So the hunting season is done for me as far as ducks and geese go. Of course we have spring turkey season which I enjoy as much if not more than ducking, but I hate the chiggers and ticks, and even more the chemicals you put on your clothes to keep those critters at bay, but I still go. So until I get that new rifle scoped up and ready for varmint hunting, I will be just hanging out, sitting on the couch, eating chicken wings and drinking Evolution beer!

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