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Thursday, January 21, 2010

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You know I have no ideal who visits the Delmarva sportsmen site, as many post annon. but I have noticed that we now have 4 followers of the site and I want to thank you guys. I started my own blog because I was tired of the political BS on the other sites I was visiting, and the disrespect given to our elected officials. Don't get me wrong I will argue and disagree with the best of them but I respect the office or position even if I don't care for the person. So the President is always going to be Mr. President to me when we are out shooting some ducks or drinking Wild Turkey burbon. I welcome your suggestions, I mean if you are going to follow help me out 4 heads are better than one for damn sure. I know I use run on sentences, regional dialect  and I do have a family other than my retriever.But he is the only one with me when I go, and he takes a really bad picture cause his paws are so big, so there you go. I am a member of the NRA and encourage all of you to do that also. I don't ever think they would take our guns but I do think they may make it really hard to get ammo and outlaw hand loading of ammo. My wife makes all of it possible so all I have to do is bring home my paycheck and have fun hunting and fishing, of course I do administer the occasional ass whipping on the pool table to keep her in line. Hey it's my blog I tell the story like I see it, she has her own take on that!! I have noticed that some sites have designated range days where they go shoot guns and gather, maybe one day after the hunting season that would be a good thing to do. So for all that follow and all that visit, I thank you more than you know, and keep in mind your comments and suggestions are welcome here. 

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  1. I write for me and to catalog my misadventures...Gotta share the pain! I look forward to many more posts at Delmarva Sportsmen...Keep it up...Phil