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Friday, January 22, 2010

Sea Bass fishery repriev?

Sea bass , the life blood of the head boat guys out of Ocean City got some serious restrictions this year, that basically would have shut down the recreational fishing industry in Ocean City. Keep in mind that these are reef fish and that artificial reefs have been put in place by State, local and individual people over the years., in fact there is much more habitat now than ever. Street cars, ships, barges and even big Jacks (like the game) are now placed in the waters accessible by most anyone with a suitable boat and a GPS.  Now I am not a marine biologist, and neither did I stay at a Holiday inn express, but I do fish and I do know that you may find habitat or structure and find no fish, but you will never find fish and no structure. So I guess my question is if you have increased habitat acerage and it is producing fish why would you restrict fishing? Some one better educated in such matters may have to answer that question for us. Untill then I am waiting for fishing to come on and if all holds hard hitting pickeral will the first to show their toothy grin. Untill then I am ducking!

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