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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Waterfowl comming to an end

This Saturday ends all life as we now know it, the end of the waterfowl season. I know you can shoot snow geese but I don't get much pleasure out of that, putting out ( and picking em up) 300 shell decoys, no buying 300 shell decoys I  am not into. I was able to go goose hunting this past Tuesday and we used 3 goose and 4 duck decoys. When it was over by 10 AM we had 3 geese, two wet dogs and a great morning, I took one goose home that had to weigh 10 lbs! Fat as a oven stuffer and a craw full of corn and soybeans. I know we could have killed more, they were coming in flocks of 5-10-15 at a time like WW2 bombers, but we had all we were wanting to clean. I will say the young man I had the opportunity to hunt with really had his self together, After 4 hours in a duck blind you have a lot to talk about and you get to know a fellow. The man has a plan to enter the military, or become an electrician apprentice he  is ready to commit after he looks into the pros and cons of each one, smart on his part. Having spent three years learning the electrical trade he has a good ideal on that one. His dog was really good at fetching and Tom brown got a lesson in what we were suppose to be doing out there. I think if I had the opportunity to hunt with this guy that Tom would have been farther along. But I am a happy man with my dog. So what is a man to do in the season between hunting and fishing? Well it is a good time to brew some beer, so when fishing does roll up you are ready. A fish fry and home brew could be a good ideal. Maybe cook a hog and have a bbq, before it gets to damn hot and the flies carry you away. Load some ammo for ground hog shooting come spring, and shoot up this years hunting ammo at the range, zero your stick and give her a good cleaning. Okay go pickerel fishing I was dying to include it! Pick up the yard...not!  Wash up your decoys and check the lines and weights, put them in the decoy shed on the shelf out of the way, Maybe get your deer stand out of the woods before someone does steal it, I hate those guys.  So there you go guys lots of things for us to do. I like the brew some beer and cook a hog, I love to fish but don't eat fish. Of course you could just watch Football and sit on the couch...right.


  1. Okay my spelling sucks, but I can weld pipe and shoot straight....sorta kinda

  2. I am so hurt. Waterfowl season ends. Come on now. Biazzio, did you forget that your own cousin Giuseppi makes a living as a waterfowl guide and takes folks Snow goosin' late into March. The Snow Goose wackin is just gettin' good. Waterfowl season coming to an end huh?